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12nd of June 2021

The weather for this June long weekend is fantastic. Maybe it is a little too cold in the morning but that is to be expected in winter time, I guess. We have light northerly winds and that makes it a very enjoyable experience. thanks to very little water movement. The visibility could do with improvement but that might just be a bit much on the wish list. No matter if you are snorkelling or dive – you will get to see lots of cuttlefish. 
Unfortunately we had a few disappointed visitors today because we are fully booked for the entire weekend and could not help out with additional wetsuits. There are a few spots left for Sunday – please book if you need our help. We do try our best.

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Every year from May to August thousands of Giant Australian Cuttlefish gather at the shores of Point Lowly, South Australia because it is cuttlefish mating time!

Good thing, they don’t mind being watched. Their interactions and ability to change colour and shape will have you amazed. If you are ready to get into our shallow but cold waters you will be rewarded with an unforgettable sight.

Steps to see the Giant Australian Cuttlefish

Book a tour / equipment online

Book a tour or Book appointment to pick up hire equipment (without prior booking we cannot guarantee there is time to help you)

Come into the dive shop

Come see us in the dive shop
33b Playford Ave, Whyalla, SA

Bring some time and your swimmers.

Put on each piece of hire equipment

(yes, including that tight thick wetsuit..)
– to ensure a good fit for warmth and comfort

Drive to Point Lowly

Drive yourself to the foreshores of Point Lowly – a 30min car ride from Whyalla.

Get into the shallow water

Walk into the shallow water (2 to 6m max) and be amazed. Take a guide with you and you learn, see and know more while we look out for you.

Change into warm dry clothes

There are toilets and change rooms available at the site.

Swim with Giant Cuttlefish in Whyalla, Eyre Peninsula, South Australia

At Whyalla Diving Services we offer the opportunity to swim with the Giant Cuttlefish in Eyre Peninsula! In small groups with a trained guide you can experience the wonders of swimming with these creatures that cannot be experienced anywhere else in the world.

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