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Equipment Hire

If all you need is equipment – this is your option. Click on the BOOK NOW and select your preferred day and all available pick up times will be on your screen. The time you select is the time we are expecting you to don your pre-booked equipment.

Each booked person needs to try on their own hire gear (including that hard to get in wetsuit). Picking up gear for others usually seems to be a poor choice. We aim for a great fit – since it is the only way to ensure you keep warm.

We have wetsuits ranging from all sizes starting with a kids size 4 to a adult size 4XL and everything in between. Over the last years we have always managed to supply a great fit to each customer.

The above described booking procedure is true even if you need just a few bits and pieces. Follow the book-now-link and let us know what you need – there are text fields provided for comments during your booking if you want to clarify your needs.

Due to recent changes to our policy we are no longer able to rent gloves to people with long/sharp finger nails so please remeber to cut or file you nails prior to your arrival in store.

Please remember to bring dive certification of each diver with you when you come in for pick up.

Full Snorkel Set | $120 per set

Consists of body liner, wetsuit (5 or 7mm which ever suits you best), -hooded vest or hood, neoprene boots, gloves, mask and snorkel, fins to fit over your boots

Full Scuba Dive Set | $150 per set

Consists of the full snorkel set plus weights, BCD, regulator and one air filled cylinder (add $3 for nitrox)

Single Item Hire 

5mm or 7mm wetsuit (which ever suits you best) including bodyliner $55
Hood, Boots and gloves (please remember to cut/file your nails as long/sharp nails will damage our gloves) $15 each
Mask & snorkel, fins to fit over your boots, hooded vest $15 each
Socks $6 pair
BCD, regulator, weights including belt $20 each
Cylinder hire for 2 days / $13 air refill or $20 nitrox refill
Please bring your bottles to the shop by 5pm if you need air or Nitrox fills.


Conditions of Hire

All hire is for 2 days – the second day is free of charge. Equipment to be returned by 4pm latest the first or second day.
Return equipment to be washed in fresh water or wash it at the back of the shop. $12 cleaning surcharge returned unwashed.

Please remember to cut/file your nails as long/sharp nails will damage our gloves.

All hire fees are to be paid in advance and returns to be signed off by staff.

You will be charged a replacement fee for lost equipment  which is calculated by supplier cost price plus freight. 


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