Guided Snorkelling Tour

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Guided Snorkel Tour for confident swimmers

Join our famous Whyalla Cuttlefish Snorkel Tour if you want to know more and feel safer

3.5 hours | $130 pp

If you can swim and you are looking for a fun and safe way to get to know more about cuttlefish, then this is your option. Join our famous snorkelling tour.

Minimum of 2 / Maximum 6 snorkellers per dive guide

*There is a surcharge of $120 if participant number is below minimum.

This option includes a complete set of snorkel equipment

  • bodyliner
  • 5 or 7mm wetsuit (which ever fits you best)
  • boots
  • gloves
  • hooded vest
  • mask and snorkel
  • fins (you can keep the equipment until 4pm the following day and return it rinsed in fresh water or you can return it to your guide at the end of your tour and we take care of it from here on)

Briefing on everything cuttlefish and safe snorkelling

A guide that runs an in-water commentary showing you all there is to see

*allocated guide in-water snorkelling time is 1-hour max

*if you want to stay longer, keep the equipment, and return it rinsed by 4pm the following day

added in-water safety

*all guides are trained dive masters / instructors with additional oxygen and first aid training

Guide transfer to the snorkel site

*since our guides stay at the site for another tour we are not able to provide transport

Tour description

  • Meet at the dive shop and bring your swimmers. In the shop you change into a body liner/undergarment, wet suit, and boots. You also receive all other snorkelling equipment necessary for your warmth and comfort (e.g. hooded vest, gloves, mask, snorkel and fins)
  • 30min drive to snorkelling site (use your own car for independence and keep your wet suit on). You will receive a map
  • detailed cuttlefish and safety briefing by your dive guide
  • in water tour to see the Giant Cuttlefish – your guide will be in the water on your site to explain the wonderful creatures you are looking at and render help if needed. (max in-water time of the guide is 60min)

FYI: you can keep the rental equipment until the following day 4pm when it will be returned washed in clear water OR hand it back to your guide at the end of your tour and we will clean it

Booking Policy

Bookings close 1 day before the session starts.
Cancellation Policy: To cancel or reschedule please contact us 48 hours in advance. Find Cancellation Policy within Whyalla Diving Services Terms and Conditions.

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